FBM - Feedback

Now I finally hab the time to make a feedback from the FBM [Frankfurter Buchmesse]

It started on Tuesday, the 14th October 2008, but only was open for private visitors on the last two days, so I only had the opportunity to go there on the 18th or 19th October.

I decided to go on the 19th October because my dad offered me a drive there and so I took my sis there, too.

Unfortunately my friend had no time on that day, so she already went on Saturday ;_;

Actually, I were on a KHR [Katekyo Hitman REBORN!] Convention there, but as there were no meeting point, nobody of the convention members knew where to go. [Yeah, not really great..] So there wasn't any KHR foto shoote <.< And I even had a Lal Mirch Cosplay!!

Yeah, I know it's not some of the best Cosplays, but it was my first try - I will improve in making Cosplays

But on the other hand, I could meet many (great) Cosplayers and of course my friend Chikako, who was dressed as Konan in School Uniform - really cute.

It was really fun and one important event of course was also the drawing tutorial from Judith Park. Though I didn't have the chance to get a signature from her (there were so many of them who wanted it too <.< I could see her drawing and talking to her "fans". =)

That was my feedback on FBM. I hope you did enjoy it =)



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