Jazzworkshop - aiya! X3

Yay, today, it was my last day in school before the autumn holidays. It was really great.

Did you hear about the "Ingolstädter Jazztage"?? They offered a Jazzworkshop for certain schools, and this year of course it were the Reuchling-Gymnasium and our music school, Gnadenthal-Gymnsium, the schools which took part in that workshop. The same pleasure as every year ^^

And so we spent two houres in our hall to see the results of that workshop. And it was really amazing.

Ramesh Shotham

He's was "in charge of" the Percussion Group. And he really did it well. You should see how he plays the tamborin. Awesome!

And Miles Griffith!

Yeah our first impression of him was: "He's a bit crazy"

And he really was. But guys, he's so funny and he sings pretty good. He was always imitating voices and his "Vocal Group" was amazing *_*

The Workshop was great for both - for the ones who took part in and for those who were the audience.

And if you ever get the chance to see them, then don't miss the chance!! It is really worth seeing them both (Ramesh & Miles) performing.

But of course you have to be able to understand a bit English, because Miles is from New York



31.10.08 15:16

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