Happy Birthday dear...

Hey Guys.

Maybe you knew it before, but for those who didn't know:

Yesterday was my 17th birthday =)

I only celebrated it with my family, but nevertheless it was very nice

I got many presents (and also many calls) for my birthday, for example a grey coat (i love it), black boots (so stylish) and two CDs. Now guess which? The Refreshment and Colorful Sensibility Part II (so great, love them <3)

But because my parents had to work that day, too (my dad didn't get a free day, though he wanted to..) we didn't had a lot of time. So in lack of time, we only ate my birthday cake (do you know the "Donauwelle"? - yummy) and made a "photo shoot" for me <3

Me at my piano <3

Guitar rockz!

I have many more photos from the "shoot" but, unfortunately I don't have the time to put them all into the blog, sorry ^^" (Okay, I confess: It is because of my lazyness <.<

Last but not least:

I went to the Innercity today, because I had my infection. So I also went to the shopping centres there.

I didn't have much time, but I also got a lovely T-shirt and a book called "Heavens"s Net is Wide" from Lian Hearn.

Did you hear this name before?? She's also the author of "Tales of Otori" and this book is somewhat like a pro- and epilogue of these book series. As it is written in English, I'll have some problems with the reading, but it will probably be as good to read and will improve my English (i hope so..)

xoxo Aii

7.11.08 21:36

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